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Last Updated on September 29, 2018

Ohayo gozaimasu! (Little Japanese for ya!) I’m here because I wanna say something important and I’m very excited for. 1: I’m kinda indecisive a lot, not very good at staying with a topic on mind. 2: I’m writing a story and I’m very happy about it, but I wanna know you all think, so here’s the choices

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1: Normal villager becomes a noble knight to help his kingdom
2: A Human girl meets a demon spawned man and they live together through indifferent times. He actually loves her, but she keeps getting him in trouble because of his identity
You choose! Bye Bye!

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A modern day ninja with a collections of swords, You will normally find him with his nose in a book like Kakashi Hatake, watching anime or playing video games. He loves writing and when he isn't he's working on his music or being spider-cop, solving cases for his friends and those around him.
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  1. I want number 1

  2. Can we have both

  3. I pick 2

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