Amazing Workout Routines – Day 1

 So I have decided to start exercisin again and I have a good workout routine. So I have a workout routine that I have come up with that should get me back in shape again, they are quick and easy for you to do.

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It’s all about about physical fitness and advantages of exercise for me (benefits of daily exercise). So there will be daily updates on exercises to do.


No need for ab exercise equipment for abdominal workouts or any equipment for this exercises. Also this is a full body workout so we will be working on everything but if you want specific ones message me and I will work on that.

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So time to get ripped ;

Jumping Jacks reps 15

Step-up onto chair reps 10

Push-up reps 3

Crunch reps 10

Plank 10 secs

 So that’s it for today.

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