Suitcase of the Future

Last Updated on December 18, 2018

Forwardx cx-1 suitcase

      This is a wonderful piece of technology, with the Forwardx cx-1 you will never lose you luggage again, cause now it’s always by your side literally. The self propelled suitcase will tag along behind you through anywhere your journey takes you.
      Its made up of self-driving tech with facial recognition and camera AI. Made by the Chinese company ForwardX. It features a smart navigation, anti-theft system and facial recognition. It also comes with a built in mobile charger for you devices.
     The camera is used to follow your movements, it as a max speed of 7 mph and a wristband is used to find its owner when you move from its point of view, the wristbands also alert it’s owner of theft. Its going to be launched this year but a price tag as not been kept on it yet, even the name cx-1 is up for debate and the name maybe changed before its brought to to the general public. 
    Overall I like the Idea and feel of it, with this you won’t have to lug your luggage and someones else up and down as you move from point A to B.

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