Angels of Death Ending: What ACTUALLY Happened?

Last Updated on December 9, 2020

Angels of Death ending…do YOU know what actually happened to Zack and Rachel? We have 3 possible outcomes for these two and we still might not have all the answers. Let us go in-depth to discover which one is correct.

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First Angels of Death Ending

This is based off this speculated ending: Rachel has been canonically diagnosed with mental delirium. In this ending, she has an episode of delirium and envisions Zack visiting her and finally killing her. But she’s actually plunging the knife into herself, committing suicide. She was so committed to dying by Zack’s hand that her delirious brain conjured up the appropriate sounds and effects to the environment.

But, as I said, this is the most unlikely ending, because at the end of the game and anime, the window of Rachel’s room is shown. The glass is shattered, the iron bars are broken, and there’s blood on the windowsill. She couldn’t have jumped out the window, since the glass is INSIDE the room and she’s not strong enough to break iron bars.

Not to mention I just don’t think I could handle this type of ending. It’s like when there was that theory that Pokemon was all just a dream that Ash was having inside his head and he was actually in a coma. It breaks my heart to even just think about this ending being real.

Second Possible Angels of Death Ending

Next ending is the angels of death ending I’m actually choosing to believe.

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This ending is self-explanatory. Zack took Rachel away and then ran away together, supporting each other as the best friends they were meant to be. And more later on, but Rachel needs to grow up first. Don’t get wrong, I LOVE Zack and Ray together but she is still young. And both of them are just getting used to having a real friend. Their relationship can progress more once she grows up some.

I mean, both of them have some serious PTSD and I think Zack might have some schizophrenia or something else due to his upbringing. It really makes you think of the whole nurture verses nature argument. Both he and Ray, have this moment where they almost black out, Zack’s eyes go red and all he can see is his victim. He stops seeing them as human and Ray has to “fix” whatever she finds broken. They both have some type of mental illness that causes that.

So yes, I’m choosing to believe that they ran together and learned how to slowly trust each other and even fit into society. I’ve read some AMAZING fanfictions on A03 that capture their journeys for this. I ship them and will continue to do so.

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3rd Possible Ending

And now, the “most likely happened but this show made us cry way more than we anticipated so we refuse to accept that this was the end” ending. And that is, that both of them died at the end with Zack killing Rachel and then himself.

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Let me explain.

In episode 4, Danny says Zack couldn’t survive a shot to the head. But what if he did, at least for a short time? In this ending, Zack is shot in the head and the chest, and the blood on his scythe and window may prove this. In the original Japanese version, Zack spoke less and less during the conversation, only giving single-worded answers or short noises like “hmm” or “ah”. This could be from the blood loss and haziness of being close to death.

So, Zack survives his execution and goes to Rachel.

You know Zack pulls Rachel out the window at this point, since neither of them are in the room at the end scene.

angels of death ending

In short, this ending is the theory that Zack was close to death after surviving the execution and going to see Rachel in his final moments alive. When they fall out the window, Zack stabs her and ends her life with his final breath. He dies shortly after and they in each other’s arms. You can see that Rachel hugs Zack if you pause at the right moment. It’s just as they hit the ground.In a way, it’s kinda poetic. Using your last moments to fulfill the wishes of someone you care about, knowing you’ll die shortly after. And in their case, dying together instead of alone.

So there you have it. Three possible Angels of Death endings. Which one do you believe? I’m still believing in the second one since I’m a romantic sap that can’t stand the thought of losing both my precious children. Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our other articles related to AoD, including FANFICTION and all the stickers/merch you can get at the anime shop!

As always,

Keep Smiling!

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  1. I would say that it is none of these. To me, I believe it was this: Zack died because he was sentenced to death, like the psychologist said. This is why he has his scythe is because of this. He’s dead. The reason Zack has his scythe is because he’s an angel. An angel of death. Rachel isn’t hallucinating. Zack has literally become her Grim Reaper, and through this, he was able to kill her and fulfill his promise.

  2. It’s been a long time so is there a sequel? I already watched all 16 episodes

  3. Buyt how did she get out then? There where clearly iron bars infront of the window and she couldnt have broke them herself, and it would be pretty weird if a ghos of a dead man could still break trough iron and glass….

  4. who is Jack?

  5. so why did Zack have a scythe on the window at the end? he had destroyed her on the steps before fleeing. Its beatiful that the end is openned and we can believe everything that can happen there and what has happened. Just after all, he can’t just find a new scythe somewhere, so how. ,_, sry for bad anglish

  6. I like to believe that zack got out of prison, cause its not impossible for him like we’ve seen what he done before. its very unlikely but i can still believe. anyways, so zack broke out of prison and found rachel, like she was probably on the news so maybe he saw that and found her. so we all saw him break in and get rachel, i believe he actually killed her, and fulfilled their promise, cause thats what the whole thing was about. sure it would be nice if they lived together after that but its just taking away the whole reason the story happened. and if zack did escape from prison it’s not likely that he got out unharmed and probably died from his injuries. thats what i like to believe.

  7. The ONLY flaw to your theory on the bad ending is how did she break the bars that were on the outside of the window? Because she definitely wouldn’t be able to break them with her hands.

  8. I feel like because this movie so heavily relied on transformation and also symbolism. I would say that eventually the idea of killing each other became something more closely related to kinship of some sort, that only the two of them would understand. When you think about it, Zack did kill Rachel metaphorically. He played a large part in “killing” her insane contradictory self. In many way both of them died metaphorically. The past Zack would never have “saved” anyone. The past Rachel, would never have accepted someone OR something to be something other than what she wanted to “possess.”

    It’s very puzzling though in all honesty, because Zack and Ray both are murderers and are still beyond true redemption. But, at the same time, in their own way they sort of broke through a lot of the trauma that may have led to their insanity.

    In light of all these things that happened, I think Zack and Ray will probably spend many years without fulfilling their promise to each other. And perhaps those years would determine what would really happen, but the driving force behind their decisions would no longer be shaped by the trauma they experienced as children.

  9. There was no sign of her loosing any blood and they were already out before Rachel could hurt herself.
    Zack told her to smile and Rachel cried and showed emotions when he arrived.
    The priest said that Zack finally learned to use his blade for someone else.
    And the most symbolic was the knife left behind had no blood.
    And really, he broke out from prison, got to Rachel after saving her and asked how she was just so he could kill her?

    I know what I believe.

  10. Edit: Now that we know Rachel can see ghosts, it is also possible that it was Zack’s ghost ! leading to her jumping off the window.

  11. Here’s my thoughts:

    Ending Explained:

    It was indeed an open ending so as the viewer we are given choices to decide which one is best for us:

    Good Ending: Zack (somehow) escaped the prison and rescued Rachel
    – : But Rachel never smiled again, so she ended up not getting killed
    – : After finding Zack’s alive she finally smiled and Zack killed her fulfilling his promise
    – : After finding Zack’s alive she finally smiled but Zack couldn’t manage to kill her so instead he let her live

    Flaws about this ending:
    How did Zack escape prison?
    How did Zack get the same clothes and a scythe?
    How did Zack find Rachel? he couldn’t read and talk to people.

    Bad Ending: Zack was truly executed as a punishment. Rachel (maybe suffering from scizophrenia as a mental disorder, it made sense after inhaling that much toxic gas from the female judge, and hallucinogen from the priest + serious trauma from the past), dreamed Zack’s saving her and actually used her knife to open the window and jumped.

    I personally will go with this one, and here are the arguments supporting this theory:
    – There was blood on the window at the end of the scene, this is to symbolize bloody escape. It came from Rachel’s feet when she stepped on the broken window bare footed to jump
    – Her knife (most precious thing) are left behind
    – Some people commented the glass which is located inside the room not outside. If she breaks the window with a knife (instead of crushing with her body like Zack did) then it would make sense that some of it is dropped inside and some dropped outside.

    Twist ending: Rachel killed herself and Zack is alive.

    Also I can’t get off my mind that Rachel and Zack might be the reincarnation of Violet Evergarden and that man… (watch the movie, you WILL know hehehe)


  12. It never said he was 20 for a fact the document said estimated age 20 they actually have no idea what age he truly is. and I doubt that Zack knows how old he is either since he’s been bounced from foster home since he was born and living on the street for all we know he could be a teenager. And I don’t think the creators left this very noticeable clip of this document showing Zach’s age unknown on purpose so grind your gears on that one!

  13. IS NOBODY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT ON ZACK DOCUMENTS IT SAYS “estimated” AGE 20. Meaning they dont know gow old he truly is!! For all anyone knows he could be 16 to 20 years old! And since they obviously put this I’m guessing he younger, so him and Ray would be closer to each other’s age! In never said he was 20 a fact!

  14. I don’t know what happened honestly and I was very disappointed in the ending, Rachel got shot by Danny and was dying and the priests tell Zack to take her out and save her what was the point of him saving her if he was going to end up in prison and executed and she was going to end up in the psych ward killing herself or whatever happened. I don’t understand any of it what was the point of saving her she was already dying! And soon as he walks out of the burning building obviously helping someone we got cops surrounding him like somebody called the law on him that’s just a little bit of a snippet I wanted to put in there why would the cops be there like someone snitched on him. I could understand cops being there in the fire department but why soon as he walks out the building they’re pointing guns at him telling you to put the girl down he was obviously snitched on. And why didn’t Rachel tell the people as a psych ward or the cops that Zack didn’t kill my family Zack wasn’t trying to kill me he was trying to help me she just stay quiet she just don’t even talk? And how long were they stuck in this building going through a labyrinth traps and mazes and they can’t even Escape she can’t even Escape as awkward and help Zack out of prison I don’t know it just don’t make sense to me it could have been a really good anime and they could explain more and made it a lot better. I don’t understand the ending at all I’m sorry if anybody else does there crazy cuz none of it made sense what was the point of even carrying Rachel out of the building when she wanted to die and she was dying was the the point just for Zach to get caught and go to prison and die? So, no none of it makes sense and I think there’s more to this story and it needs to be told. Also I keep seeing this mention that Rachel is 13 + sack is 20 actually on his documents is said they thought he was 20 they don’t really know how old he is he could actually be 17 to 20 years old so he could have a romantic relationship with Ray but we really don’t know how old is Zack really is and I doubt he knows how old he is but I say he’s more close to raise age because the documents clearly said they were guessing he was 20 years old he could be a teenager to. I just wanted to add that fact in there because there’s no proof that he’s 20 years old. But I guess we’ll never ever ever know what any of that anime meant!

  15. I mean, I like it being over, I think Racheal being killed by Zack is all the ending

  16. Rachel wasn’t the one who broke the windows. It was Jack. Wasn’t it?

  17. Ummmm, I think that Ray and Jack escaped together and fleeing together for the rest of their life by helping each other. And I don’t think that the knife was meant any killing. I just think that she forgot to take it when Jack pulled her hand out of the window. And I don’t really understand why you guys are so mad about getting another season. We can see it only when it gets out. If it doesn’t then it means that we aren’t seeing anything about angels of death anymore.

  18. This is just theories

  19. but how did she brake the window and bars and the knife didn’t have blood on it

  20. Ok well at least Rachel will grow up, we all ship them but they’ll only have a relationship when they’re older now on that note, Black Butler. Sebastian is a demon who was around in ancient Egypt and he’s shipped by a lot of people with a 12 year old called Ciel and Ciel has his soul taken at the end of S2 of that.

  21. Oh this is an interesting theory! I didn’t even think of this! I love reading everyone’s theories because it really could be any number of endings that each watcher decides to believe

  22. Someone please help Im kind of confused here because i dont think the ending had some of the things mentioned here. Like how the was a faint stabbing sound at the end, or how there was a part where they show rachel hugging zack or smthin. All i remember is that:
    1st, Rachel had her short monologue as she closes her eyes, followed by a scream and Zack breaking in through her window
    2nd, Rachel goes to Zack and starts asking him tons of stuff and crying, while Zack replies to her IN FULL SENTENCES UNTIL THE END, might i add.
    3rd, Zack takes Rachels hand and they jump out the window, cue the slow motion
    4th, Rachel says as they are in slow motion, “zack please kill me” or smthing. Then they show the view of the window with the moon as Zack replies, “if thats what you want, stop crying and smile” and the credits roll in.
    5th, the only thing after the credits was that they showed the window with blood and the knife on the floor, unstained. There was no noise.
    SO PLS HELP IM SO CONFUSED. I watched in sub on kiss anime if that matters.

  23. soo are we not gonna talk about how RACHEL IS 13 AND ISSAC OR “ZACH” IS 20 AND YALL ARE SHIPPING THEM. SHIPPING THEM!! CHILE TALK ABOUT I L L E G A L. sorry but that really blows my mind.

  24. I wish that there’s a season 3

  25. Yeah, and not only that. I mean sure it would be weird for the iron bars gone and the glass shattered into the room, but like… there was no blood on the window as Zack took her hand and led her out, but when there is the cut back to the scene, there is blood on the window. I’m confused with how there was blood and then there wasn’t. Maybe it was a mistake or maybe not. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  26. At the end it shows Zack carrying his scythe, so I think Rachel did kill herself because Zack left his scythe in that place. I don’t think Zack would be the type to go back and get his old unusable scythe to kill Rachel.

  27. Basically Zack is hacking and slashing and Racheal is “fixing” people who Zack slashes, the perfect embodiment of Angels of Death because when Zack and Racheal appear… u know shit is serious

  28. Basically Zack is hacking and slashing and Racheal is “fixing” them so they are basically the perfect Angels of Death because u know shit is serious when they both appear

  29. My take is on the second one as well because they did confirm that there were no bodies found in the premises and ya’know i think we should pay more attention to the title. It mentions angels as in plural of an angel because clearly Zack isn’t the only one and the name of actual angel of death is Azreal which makes sense because both their names are Zack and Racheal and if u just take the “Az” from Zack and “real” from Racheal u get “Azreal” who is true angel of death and that’s why Issac Foster calls himself Zack because the creator had to make Azreal, Zack and Racheal related somehow so yeah

  30. My thing is Zack might have survied his execution because maybe he was to be electrified and he keeps surviving when being electrocuted and he maybe faked his death and escaped to see rachel

  31. Am I the only one who immediately thought he was an angel after being killed on death row and coerced her to stab herself and fall out the window to him?? And that the whole anime was inside her head and he was actually the grim reaper who used to be human? That was my take, but like I’d love it more if they escaped together and Zach never ‘wants’ to kill her yet and it turns into just a weird bond that keeps them together and alive. Will there be more than 16 episodes??

    • Oh I like that theory a lot! That’s a neat idea!
      Sadly, it looks like there won’t be more than 16 episodes. We’ll just have to survive on webtoons and zines along with fanfictions that people do for us to get our Zack and Ray fix.

  32. […] would be awesome, but I don’t think that would be a real case scenario. Not to mention, the ending of angels of death still has some explaining to […]

  33. […] Any black boots would work. These were actually made for Zack from Angels of Death and still work just […]

  34. bananananananakkakakakaka

    there actually was a faint thud at the end though *shooketh*

  35. None of what you describe in the last episode even happens?? She jumps out of the window with him, we see the moon and then the ending credits play. After the credits, we see the broken window, a bloodstain on the sill and Zack’s (bloodless) knife.

  36. When are they hugging?

  37. Am i missing something? I never heard the sound of Zack’s scythe or the ” thud” sound, at the end it sowed them jumping out the window and Zack saying ” stop crying and smile” and then it faded to black, and the last scene was the broken window sill with the blood and the knife that was it.

  38. It’s one of my favorites because it generated so many emotions. I wasn’t expecting all THE FEELS when it came to this horror anime. But it’s sooo good! I hope you can watch it again one day! No more tears!

  39. Wait I’m confused? I also never heard the sound of Zack’s scythe or the “thud of them hitting the ground”
    Is there any talk on the sequel I could find nothing about them making any more episodes?

  40. But I also have a question, I don’t know if Funimation maybe cut some of the ending but I watch it about 6 times and it doesn’t show their bodies falling to the ground or Rachel hugging Zack, it shows them as soon as he pulls her out of the window and he said stop crying and smile then it cuts to black… And after the credits it shows the blood and the knife on the floor but no police or loud this. So I don’t know if I’m missing it? Cuz the police show up earlier in the episode and Zack says he doesn’t have long before they come up and catch him so they have to hurry.. am I missing it?

  41. I just finished watching the anime on Funimation and I think he escaped prison before the execution, and remember he said “you remember your end of the deal” so I think she has to help him escape the police before he will kill her, just like with the murder levels, and it can’t just be to get off the grounds safely it has to be when they are both safe and the police can’t find him. And by that time she won’t want to die but she’ll want to live with Zack and they’ll protect each other. That’s my hopeful ending

  42. Gosh. The Anime made me a mess. I was ugly crying and hoping and dreaming that Zack will get a happy ending. He started out having a horrible childhood. Much like a classic horror serial killer. Such as Jason or Michael. They never got their happy ending because the bloodlust controlled them. I definitely want to see Zack try to control it. But we know our lovable monster.

    • I’m hoping that maybe Zack WILL learn to control it and maybe go after murderers and people like that instead. Kinda like a Dexter esq vibe? But then he’ll grow up, even more, maybe have a family with Ray, and settle down more. Though I bet he would make a lot of money as a hitman.

  43. I just had to leave a comment, I’ve watched the anime 3 times now, once dubbed and twice subbed. It’s so good, and I can’t bare crying at the ending every single time. I feel as if 3 is the most reasonable ending, but if it is, what will happen with the so call “sequel”, there’s been word of a season 2 for quite a while now. It’s supposedly being released on Amazon, but only in Japan, which is surprising, because a lot of the viewers are American, including me. If the ending was 2, that would of been amazing, I love the Ray X Zack ship, besides the fact that Rachel is 13 and Zack is 20, I still find the plot and gist very romantic, and if Rachel does grow up and they end up, being together, falling in love, that would be amazing for sure.

    • I REALLY hope there is a season two!!! If it’s only in Japanese, I’ll have to learn Japanese so I can watch it. That would be epically awesome. I love Zack and Ray as well but right now Ray is definitely too young. I think though, with them both being broken, they’ll probably fall in love later on as they get older. Right now, they’ve bonded and will strengthen their friendship but hopefully, in time, it’ll become something more.

  44. I personally think that 3 is the most possible, for it seems to be something Zack would do. As much as I would like 2 as well, I feel as though it would be feeding into the whole Zack x Rachel pairing. I have no problem with people who like that, but I personally feel that their relationship is more of a friendship that revolves around respect for one another. Zack, in a way, almost seems to take on the role of an older br, other as well, and when I think about it, I feel like that’s more of a relationship that they would have. Although both are respectable, I personally think that 3 might have been the true ending, besides the fact that I disagree a little with a few of the factors mentioned in it, for it would be a perfect way to end the show; Zack fulfilling Rachel’s long desired wish, and dying with her so he could be with her once again in the next life, along with escaping death by execution. Well, that’s it for my ramble.

    • Rambles are the best!!! Lord knows how much I can about my fandoms and otp’s. I definitely agree with you that right now is more of a friendship thing with them. There’s been talk of a season two so I’m hoping that he doesn’t kill her and instead, they both find a reason to live and grow together, with maybe a romance later on down the line.

      • Season two was episodes thirteen through sixteen. Those three episodes we’re the finale and how she died was the first option thing

    • Well then what was the whole point of leaving the building if zack was going to kill Ray afterwards so it would make sense that instead of killing her they left together because from what I said there would be no point in saving Ray if he were to kill her and himself afterword so then his so longed freedom would be gone so he must have not killed her but this comment here is nothing but my opinion

  45. I think 3 is the most possible one. But I WANT 2 to be the one. If we want it to be romantic doesn’t mean we should leave out the fact that there was blood on the window and the stabbing sound of Zack’s scythe. I don’t want them both to die, but they most probably did. We MUST accept it and move on, no matter how hard it is.

    • I’m in denial, haha. But there’s gonna be a season two so maybe he didn’t kill her? Or decided to save her or something after stabbing her. Ugh, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! I need it to get here faster so I can know. In the meantime, I’ll be reading and writing fanfiction to satisfy my craving.

    • I also believe third is most possible. Though I think he came to take Rachel when he was already dead so was she. And they kind of “flew” out of the window so I think it’s to show they’re going to be together in death

  46. I bet it is two because there is talk of a sequel! Although the sequel may delve more into their pasts and coming together to reveal the end so three is still an option but who says it isn’t romantic? Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet is one of the most romantic stories of all time involving the suicide death of the two as one dies in the others arms together if they could never be so instead of living alone a life of misery without one another.

    • I didn’t know there was talk of a sequel! That would be so cool. It’s based off the RPG game so I wonder how they’ll do that?
      I’m one of the few people that actually doesn’t like Romeo and Juliet. There were so many things that just got under my skin about it. But I also know it’s recognized as one of the classics.

      • Is there a vetsion i didnt see? I never heard the knife sound of him stabbing her never heard the thud of them hittting the ground or saw them hitting it either. All there was, was just them jupping and then after credits a shot of the window sill with some blood on it with the knife on the ground (no blood on it so there goes the theory of her stabbing herself with it in a delusion). I watched it on hulu so do the dvds have more in it?

    • There’s talk of a sequel??? Oh thank god, been so upset since this anime ended.

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