5 Really good Casual Games For Android

Last Updated on August 2, 2020

So 5 really good casual games for Android hmm. Hey everyone, I for one this days have been finding it difficult to play games, as much as I use to.

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Yes I know it’s so sad……

But I do like to consider myself a gamer.

how I like to think of myself as a gamer…..

And even though nowadays I can’t commit hours of my day to playing games. Which is depressing really, but it’s not so bad thanks to two ways I have found to still keep my hobby alive.

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  • casual games

Casual games are amazing. Made to be played on the go and at your own pace. But with the mobile gaming industry constantly growing bigger and bigger. It can be hard to pick one to play.

So for those little gaming breaks during my day, this is what I play;

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Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game)

Yes it’s text based but Medieval Fantasy RPG is an amazing game with well written stories, that happen in the same universe so all our characters stories connect with each other directly or indirectly. So you feel after effects of your former characters choices in your new players life.

Medieval Fantasy RPG is simple to learn, yet hard to master. You will read and make choices, but the consequences of your choices are not always obvious immediately.

You will follow the story of characters with their own personalities and goals. Making decisions that will shape how their story ends- in combat, romance and other decisions. Meeting a lot of wonderful characters along the way and going to some really amazing places.

The aim is to survive to the end of the story. There are hundreds of achievements to uncover- from the silly, to the surprising and to the epic. As you make choices, stats will go up and down.

To succeed, you must put yourself in the boots of your character and do what’s best for him or her, even if it’s not what you would normally do.

It’s a game that can be played casually but be prepared to get addicted and attached to some characters and engaging storytelling.

Download: Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game)

Nirvana – Game of Life

If you haven’t played Nirvana – Game of Life yet, you should try it out. It’s a swipe based life simulation adventure game.

You play as a soul that travels from body to body through the cycle of life, experiencing everything life has to offer from a normal life sometimes to being a hero, zombie survivor, assassin and so may more fun scenarios. The aim is to try to break the cycle in order to reach Nirvana.

It has a great mix of mystery and humor. The game is filled with fun surprises to be discovered the more you play through. It is a casual game but can be very addictive.

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Download: Nirvana – Game of Life

Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer is an idle clicker and beat ’em up game, with an amazing cause- helping cancer research while being entertaining. Made by Polyspice a game company based in Denmark, that I expect more great content from in the future.

The aim of the game is simple Beat the hell out of this terrible disease, one tap at a time as the cancer cells travel down the blood stream, with your fingers and with the use of hilarious weapons when they get to much for you. And for every ad or purchase you make 20% is donated to cancer research.

Now that’s a game you feel proud about every time you play and for kids an excuse to let your parents let you play just a few more hours.

Download: Beat Cancer

Kai Chronicles

Kai Chronicles

Kai Chronicles is an old school style texted based game that is from the 80s that I played. My olny problem with the game is the combat system, I didn’t feel involved in it as I would like.

You play has a kai warrior (think jedi warrior) the last of them anyways after a surprise attack, who has to stop an invading evil army.

What really makes Kai Chronicles a gem is the freedom the game allows- you can be a gentleman or a rogue with your play style the choice is yours. While the whole while the game can be very unforgiving, one wrong choice and your player will be killed and that is pretty hardcore.

It’s a game that really takes you on an adventure and lets you meet very interesting characters along the way.

Download: Kai Chronicles

Small Living World

Small Living World - mobile game

Small Living World is a great indie simulation game that runs in your hands.

Its a unique little world builder game where you slowly build your own ecosystem, it’s pixel based which I love and the sounds of nature are really soothing.

You start with an almost desert like world, that you will bring back to a lush forest landscape. Everything is under your control, from the landscape shape to the plants and animals that live there. Deploy the full power of the terraforming tools.
The world evolves on its own, slowly developing into a mystical forest.

With no stress, no pressure, its a very relaxing game with a sense of progression which you are in contol of. So everything is at your pace which is great.

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Download: Small Living World

So that’s all I have for you, thank you for reading and sharing if you liked it.

Till my next post have a great day.

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