What’s been happening with us!!!

Last Updated on August 2, 2020

Hey everyone, I’m sure you have all been noticing the major changes- with no new posts coming out on the MyAnime2go blog or thenerdygirlnews blog, thenerdygirlnews readers being redirected to MyAnime2go for all thenerdygirlnews content and being shown the normal thenerdygirlnews blog now and then.

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But it’s not a bad thing, we are not going away or being hacked. It’s actually for a good reason all these things have been happening.

It’s happening…..

A few months ago me and thenerdygirlnews were talking on her coming out of hiatus and how we could bring our readers more otaku related content, and here is what we came up with;

Ladies and gentlemen, we have merged our blogs together. A team-up that will give our readers more anime, manga and game news, reviews, discussions, theories, in-depth analysis, breakdowns and just more.

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We are back with a whole new look, bigger, stronger and an amazing otaku merch store that’s made my wallet cry a couple of times now.

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks, arranging and fixing the blog when we break it. That’s why there has not been any new posts this past few weeks.

We are still not completely done but we have finished organizing at least all of thenerdygirlnews posts.

So now you can be looking forward to new posts coming out from next week. We love you all and as thenerdygirlnews would say;

Keep smiling….

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