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I believe anime, manga or games have a way of making you feel many emotions – Excitement, tears, laughter, pain can all be caused by these mediums. And they can help break you out of the endless loop of stress, being unmotivated, feeling frustrated and overthinking.

 We all can always find characters and events in anime, manga or games, we can relate to. And I really feel it’s one of the great things in life.😊

Thank you for visiting, hope you come again and you make room for us in your lives.

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SEO Marketing Analyst who spends her time watching anime and reading anything she can get her hands on. Passionate about Disney, Harry Potter and helping those with depression and anxiety.

Writing has always been my passion. I love reading and watching anime and finding a deeper meaning in the episodes and stories. After dealing with my own battles with mental health, I became an advocate for those that are still silent. Anime has given me a light in this sometimes dark world. Now I want to show others that no matter what, we all can be happy. After creating The Nerdy Girl Website, I decided to partner up with MyAnime2go to explore my passions more fully. I’m excited to see how far this site can go!

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Keep Smiling!

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