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The Manga Cookbook Vol. 3: Japanese Fusion Food with Character!


For the third volume in its award-winning “Manga Cookbook” series, the Manga University Culinary Institute has come up with an imaginative menu that merges traditional Japanese food with other regional cuisines.

A cast of manga characters introduces each of the 29 recipes, all of which feature illustrated step-by-step instructions. There’s a mobile-suit pilot who snacks on umami potato nuggets during a tense showdown in space. And a super-sized sumo wrestler who makes a mighty fine tofu burger. A digital pet that craves furikake-flavored kettle corn. And a Neo-Tokyo cyborg who finds inner peace baking pizza toast.

Plus, Crunchyroll mascot Hime joins the crew for a surprise bonus recipe.

So step into the kitchen with Manga University and make yourself some Japanese fusion food with character!


manga university cookbook

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